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Todd Lyons Paving Acquires Minisink Paving

We have acquired Minisink Paving, Inc. Darrell Ford (Minisink Paving), has also joined our company and we will be working together to better assist any of your needs. [...]

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

As our Ice Bucket Challenge "Likes" keep rolling in, we have already hit 1000. We have just fulfilled our end of the deal to ALS.[...]

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Driveway Paving Orange County NY

Driveway Paving Orange County NY This winter has wrecked havoc on the asphalt on many driveways, parking lots, paths and roads throughout Orange County and the entire Northeast. The constant cold, the freezing and thawing has made cracks, gaps and gigantic pits. There are potholes out there that are even swallowing entire cars…please be careful! [...][...]

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How to Hire a Asphalt Paving Contractor

Ask for References: Todd Lyons Paving and other reputable contractors provide references and phone numbers of satisfied customers. Some firms, like ours, maintain a list of recent customers and phone numbers.[...]

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Repaving Your Driveway: A Great Investment If You’re Selling … or Even if You’re Not!

The condition of the driveway sets the tone for the condition of the home. If you have a driveway that’s in poor repair, buyers may immediately assume the rest of the house needs work as well.[...]

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November…It’s Still Blacktop Season

It's Still Blacktop Season: Paving Driveways and Parking Lots in Cold Weather You've probably seen road crews laying down asphalt highways in all sorts of terrible conditions, include cold temperatures. While we at Todd Lyons Paving, Inc prefer to pave in shorts (preferably while sipping lemonade)... [...]

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Before & After, Middletown YMCA

Before & After, Middletown YMCA Parking Lot paving and reconstruction project Middletown YMCA: Entrance was too tight for through traffic, so we removed a section of fence, built a ramp and made the parking lot more accessible. We thank Mr. Besdansky, Greg Hogan and the entire YMCA family for the opportunity[...]

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Considering a New Driveway?

These are some factors to consider when it comes to a choosing what material is used for your new or renewed driveway. 1) What are the benefits of an asphalt driveway versus gravel, concrete or pavers?[...]

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